Wednesday, January 16, 2008

40 years

40 years is how long it has been since we've had a Presidential race that has not included either the current President or current Vice-President.

That was 1968. I think this is reason enough for you to tell people why they should vote when they ask, "Why is this year's Presidential race SO important?" For the first time in MY lifetime (and a LARGE majority of my friends'), we have the choice to choose a President who is not (directly) affiliated with the current Administration. We have the opportunity to make some serious changes in how our country is run. That thought gives me the chills.

1968 was the year Richard Nixon was elected President. It was also the time when voter apathy began. Nixon's reign caused people to start hating and fearing their government. They became mistrustful and bitter and instead of becoming enraged and more engaged, they became apathetic and stopped caring who ran their country. The election of Nixon also ushered in the wacky conservatism that we all know too well. It has swelled into unbelievable proportions; it's the norm for us--we accept it as just how things are.

My, how times have changed.

I fully believe there is a link between voter apathy and our choices for President. Because there really hasn't been a choice, our government has been steamrolling over our freedom taking away our civil liberties and forcing our country into unjust wars.

I think that voter turnout will be exceedingly high this year. People today are enraged and they will vote for the Democrats. We've already seen evidence of their desire for change by the few caucus/primaries so far this year--Record Turnout.

It's going to be an awesome Democratic victory on November 4th!

PS. Make sure you vote in your states' Primary if you have one!


melissy said...

This really has nothing to do with your post except for the last part...

Remember how I filled out the form to change my voting district so I could vote in the primary's? Yeah, well, being the dumb ass that I am I forgot to sign the stupid form so they sent it back to me. Being the even bigger dumb ass that I am I forgot about it until yesterday... which means I probably won't even get to vote in the damn primary's. Somebody get me some smart pills...