Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two movies-only one review!

This past weekend, I watched Bobby and Children of Men. I had read mixed reviews for both movies so I was eager to see for myself whether or not they were up to my cinematic standards.

Both movies had to do with some kind of political event; Bobby recounted the assassination of Bobby Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel while Children of Men sparked a critical look on a future world where the government controls all and no children have been born in the past 18 years.

Both movies made me think. I quite enjoy movies that make me think.

In Children of Men, I began to think if society could really come to a point where soldiers roam the street, the government made the women sterile (for this is the conclusion I came to), and everyone wants to get into Britain. I mean, is it possible for Britain to become the world power?! To think that the country where the dental health of its people is in serious trouble could become the possible world power nation, well, the thought makes me cringe!

As for Bobby, as the movie unfolded and although I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't help but cry. I cried because I wondered what our world today would have been like if he and his brother had lived. Would we have such poverty? Would we have such violence, war, and hatred? Could we have achieved true world peace? I guess we'll never know. The movie also had a great ensemble cast--almost like a "Who's who" of Hollywood.

Overall, I give both movies 5 stars (out of my own ranking system of 5 stars). The acting was superb; the plots and story lines were well developed; and the enjoyness factors for each was more than expected.