Friday, February 1, 2008

Post Debate/Snowstorm Thoughts

Looking over my last post and my thoughts as they occurred as I watched the Democratic debate, I still am no closer to deciding between Hillary and Barack. And even with me asking both sides exactly their stances on various issues and being harassed coerced convinced why I should vote for Obama over Clinton, what is really going to help me make a decision is figuring out for myself why I should vote for one.

I believed in everything John Edwards said so it was very easy for me to support him until the end. I think that without him and his work over the past four years, the other Democratic candidates would not have had such detailed policies on a majority of issues. Unfortunately for John, the media didn't give him as much coverage as he deserved. You see, John talked about sticky issues no one wants to hear about like poor people who are forced to choose between medicine and food everyone, homeless people in New Orleans who are still waiting for the government's help, and veterans who are being ignored by all of society. And let's face it, the media doesn't want to cover those issues. They're not sexy or exciting; they scare people and make them depressed.

So, the media covered Obama "The Rock Star" and Clinton "The Spouse of our Last Favorite President, Bill." Not that this was a bad thing, per se. This scrutiny forced them to craft progressive and lasting policies and made the debates more exciting full of substance.

While I don't think anyone can ever take John's place in my heart, I am going to seriously look at everything the Hillary and Barck say/believe up and down and everything in between. It's a hard decision for me. And everyday, almost every hour, I change my mind again.

My first endeavor: Obama Rally, Saturday Night


Tyreseus said...

Whatever you decide, I admire the seriousness with which you evaluate your candidates. I wish more people put as much thought and investigation into the policies.