Thursday, January 31, 2008

Liveblogging the Democratic Debate. A first!

So, to figure out who I should vote for on Feb. 5th, I'm watching tonight's Democratic debate.

610: I started watching a little late. I LOVE Hillary's earrings! But she shouldn't lean forward like that. I'm glad she mentioned Johnny boy!

612: She'll implement a health care plan like Edwards? Hmmmm...
Not more of the same! I like that line!

614: Obama...Health care, mentioned his mother, how did she die again? And she didn't have health care? Reducing costs of health care and providing subsidies to those who can't afford it. Hillary's plan forces people to buy health insurance?
Home foreclosures: what about those people who waited to buy a house? They get nothing? That's not fair, to punish them for being prudent.
Barack believes in reducing the influence of lobbyists and corporations in DC. Ok, I like. He was opposed to Iraq from the start...

618: I don't like Wolf Blitzer.

619: Question: Most Democrats want FULL coverage. YES! We do! Obama: Anybody who WANTS health care will be able to get it. He doesn't think there is anyone who doesn't want health care. Most people up to 25 years old are already covered under their parents plan, Senator O.

621: Hillary: Her passionate cause. Maximize choice...Did she just say she'd open Congress' coverage to everyone?

It's the fight of, "I'm more Democrat/Liberal than her/him!"

What about lowering the costs of health care in general? Like, the costs of medication, tests, doctors, emergency rooms.

Obama: Having meetings with all those interested in fixing health care and showing the meetings on CSPAN. Transparent government!
Clinton: telling insurance companies they can't cherry pick who they cover. Yeah, right. Drug companies should be included in the process to bring prices down. I think there will be some backroom dealings no matter what. Not EVERYTHING will be open.

631: Question: Raising taxes. I'm a proud tax and spend liberal!
WOO HOO! Good line Barack about the Reps not being fiscally prudent! Straight talk express lost some health care costs is the way to go. But, will it really save that much money? I dunno. Who are the tax cuts for? Who are they imposed on? Rich people should pay more taxes, that's brilliant!

Was that George Constanza?!

Wolf: Clinton plan $110 Billion, will you tax the rich to pay for that?

Clinton: Tax richest people, $77 million per year. Stop giving insurance companies tax subsidies. Electronic medical records would save how much money?

Of course people will do well under the tax rates you implement, Senator C, your husband implemented it...

Question: Immigration--unemployment and low wages of African-Americans due to illegal immigrants.

Obama: Yes, yes, we KNOW you were an organizer in Chicago! He's diverse, he knows lots of people of color. WOW! Scapegoating?! Harsh! Control our borders, crack down on employers, pathway to citizen once they've been caught. The unemployment rate of all minority groups is due to a crazy economy.

Question: Illegal Immigrants getting driver's licenses

Clinton: Employers who exploit workers-needs to stop. We need a comprehensive, nationwide immigration policy. Helping Mexico develop their economy, yes! Republicans are living in another universe...hehehe...I don't know, I can see a lot of people driving without licenses and without insurance and then when they get in an accident with me, I'm screwed.

People sometimes have to drive to work...

Hilary sponsored comprehensive immigration reform before Barack joined the Senate. Oh snap! I don't understand how immigration became so politically divisive. The Republican solutions on immigration are not practical.

Wait, don't some conservatives also believe in not giving illegals DL's?

651: So, because someone took TIME to craft their plans automatically means yours is better, Barack?

653: Hillary: we need a strong Democratic Party to fix this problem.


658: Experience! Obama: A lot of Americans disagree that he doesn't have experience. Streets of Chicago line...again..Leadership that is needed, the ability to bring people together, transparency, "talking straight" to the American people. He's got skillz.

Clinton: First Lady experience helps? Go back 35 years...abused children, corporations, health insurance, rural Arkansans, test drugs, adoption system, world work, women's rights/humans rights--Chelsea!--public service is a trust!

Question: What if Mittster is the R nominee? Ceo of a country? Clinton: more than a business, government is not there to make a profit, we are there to help Americans--Current "President" sucks!

Obama: Mitt's a nerd.

704: Hilary: Big change! Woman or a black guy-quite a change!

707: Obama: He DOES sound like the Kennedy brothers...Who has the experience and can inspire people? I can!

710: We need change, but the same two families have been on the ticket for the past 40 years. I know! I totally wrote a blog about that!
Clinton: I am my own woman! "It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and it might take another one to clean up after this one!" Yes! Good line!

712: Commerical and shots of famous people in the audience...Oh wait, this IS Hollywoodland. I'm eating Cocoa Puffs with Peanut Butter...yum...

Ron Paul!

716: IRAQ. Clinton: Withdraw in 60 days. All troops out in a year. Would involved her foreign and military advisers. How do we help the Iraqis who helped us? Tell the Iraqi government to take responsibility for their own country. Bush's plan to leave 130,000 troops in Iraq is irresponsible!--Ugly Betty girl is there!

719: Obama: We will end this war. McCain has a profound lack of understanding. We should not have troops to punt into Iran. We never should have been there in the first place. I am the best Democrat to go up against McCain.

722: Clinton: We need to tell Iraq and the region that we are not there to take care of them. Hey, that guy who got fired from Grey's Anatomy is there! Legislation to prevent Bush from passing legislation to have a permanent presence/bases in Iraq--her and Barack have worked together to stop that.

725: Question: Why did you vote against the 11th amendment before the invasion? Clinton: I believe we needed to have the UN Inspectors go in and see if we were needed.

729: I'm losing interest....

Obama: Do Americans not want progress in Iraq? Heck, yes! They want their children to come home.

731: I should do homework.

Clinton: Knowing what you know now, why can't you say your vote was a mistake? We should not have diverted our attention from Afghanistan! There are so many problems we will have to untangle. We have to prove that we are stronger than the Republicans on foreign policy. Let's go forward! Force is a last resort. She's not naive! "That is a good try, Wolf." She was told--personally--by the WH that they would use all the intelligence available.

Sadaam's a megalomaniac? Uh, didn't we put him in office?

So, I had kid issues and missed the rest of the debate.

Good night!