Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Romney and his religion

Wonkette wrote yesterday a semi-serious post about how Romney is avoiding the subject about his religion. Now, I'm still on the fence about if one's religion should even be a deciding factor in the Presidential race. But, our current "President" made it quite an issue and a majority of Americans affiliate with some organized religion. Obviously, it's important to people.

The fact that Romney just completely avoids the subject is fishy--not just to me, but to a lot of people. Now, although Wonkette is satire, this post brings up a very valid point:

Kennedy faced this sort of innuendo and doctrinal questions about being a Catholic in the 60s and survived. Maybe Mormon doctrine and practice really does seem weirder to non-Mormon Christians than Catholicism does to non-Catholic Christians, but I don’t really think so. What seems weird, at least to me, is the fact that he’s so reticent to talk about or even really defend his religion in any significant public way. There is a lot of false information around and people are already talking about it, so it’s strange that a member of a religion that openly encourages proselytization would have so much trouble (or so little interest in) talking about his religion.

Even devout Mormons have to read this and nod their heads and say, "You know, that's absolutely correct! Why doesn't Romney dispel the myths that are floating around out there about our religion?" (I have my own theories, but, they may or may not be very nice).


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Starting To Learn said...

It seems like a waste of time for Romney to try to "clear up" misconceptions of Mormon Doctrine in that if individuals really wanted to know what the Mormon church believes and teaches, those teachings are readily available on the church's websites, and