Friday, October 19, 2007

Third Party Nominee? Bring it on.

There has been much speculation that if Guiliani is the Republican nominee for President, the extreme right wing/Christian Coalition will recruit and support a third party candidate for President.

I find this extremely funny.

First, let me state I believe that no matter who the Democratic nominee is next year, they will win. It doesn't matter who the Republican is, the Democrat will win.

Why am I so confident you ask? Well, honestly, have you looked at the Republican nominees?! None of them has the mass appeal like any of the top and mid-level Democratic candidates. None.

And, the people of this country want and need change. By electing another Republican President, we are only going to get more of the same. People are pissed off and have every right to be so.

We are in a unjust and immoral war over oil. We are being lied to daily by our government. Every facet of our lives is being spied on. We are owned by large corporations. People in this country are forcing their values on us while we are forcing our values on others outside this country. The rich keep getting richer while poor get poorer every single day. Our earth is being destroyed day by day by day.

We are in a crisis.

So, if the right wing and Christian Coalition believe that they can get a third party candidate elected, I say, "Bring it on." No one they could bring (except maybe Jesus Christ himself. But then, Jesus is a Democrat so he wouldn't be their nominee anyway) could beat any of our Democrats running (or Al Gore or Stephen Colbert, IF either decides to "officially" run).

If a third party conservative candidate for President is recruited and supported next year, the Republican Party as we currently know it will cease to exist. The party will become a radical, right-wing group and a more moderate party will emerge who will build coalitions with Democrats and Independents and who will certainly help fix our almost-destroyed country.

Conservatives will not go to the polls next year if there is Guiliani and a third party conservative candidate both on the ballot. They will see that all hope is lost and their vote will not matter.

I find it funny that the right wing actually thinks their plan will work! I mean, don't they realize that the majority of Americans who care about the issues I listed above are moderates and think their right-wing agenda is nuts? By having a third party candidate, they are 150% ensuring that the Democrat will win.

Just so you understand their strategy: it's to make sure a Democrat (or moderate Republican) doesn't win so they want to split the very base they need to get out to vote.

Oh yeah, sounds like a great plan!

Way to go Republicans! You've got another great sham plan to help America!