Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My SCHIP Thoughts

I have been hesitant to express my thoughts about SCHIP due to some criticism from a friend when I wrote once about my daughter not having any health insurance. But the more rhetoric that comes out from the right-wing about the reason to fund SCHIP, the more I have found myself very upset over the issue.

First of all, with the expansion of SCHIP, children around the country like mine would have health insurance. My kid is very healthy and I have a very good paying job (by some standards) but health insurance for her would cost me $300 per month. When figuring out whether or not to have this $300 taken out of my paycheck every month, I opted out. You see, the cost for after school care is usually around $300 and when deciding which was more necessary, I chose the after school day care. Thankfully, like I said, she’s a very healthy child.

However, she does not qualify for SCHIP now because I make more than the required amount—just barely. With SCHIP, my daughter and thousands of others around the country would be covered.

I’m not asking for the government to provide me with a handout, I just feel that they have the capabilities to help people who need a tiny bit of help to get through life. I don’t plan on having my daughter on CHIP and a few years ago, the health insurance I had didn’t charge me that much for her. For me, and for many, I’m certain, using SCHIP is only a short-term fix for a long-term problem.

Second, I am appalled of the bullshit “President” Bush and his Republican cronies (like the toupee-wearing former Utah Governor, Mike Leavitt) have spewed about how awful SCHIP is.

Seriously? Providing health insurance is a bad thing?! Please, I’d like to know how you rationalize that. I mean, you care about kids when they are in the womb but as soon as they are out-utero, you could care less.

Also, how can you turn health insurance for kids into a crazy, left-wing, liberal-wiener idea? Last week, when the House was trying to overturn The Worst President Ever’s veto, some right-wing no-name Congressman stood up on the House floor with a chart and spelled out what SCHIP really means: Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents.

Oh really? I must have totally misread, State Children’s Health Insurance Program. I mean, they TOTALLY sound and look so much alike! Thanks, “Congressman” for setting us crazy Americans straight asshat!

Finally, I’ve never read or even heard of Michelle Malkin until she started attacking innocent children who need SCHIP. People like her are the reason I do not listen to right-wing talk radio or watch Fox News. Everyone tells me I should so I can, “Keep up with what the right is saying.” But listening to that crap is mind-numbingly painful and I already swear enough in the car, I don’t need to do it more!

I realize that I received my degree from a public University, but can someone please explain to me how attacking anyone—especially children—helps advance your issue/cause/platform?! I may be wrong here (which I’m not, btw) but I don’t see how that really helps your side of the issue. In fact, I’d say it hurts you. Like a lot.

In conclusion, I’d really like someone to explain to me how expanding SCHIP is a bad thing because I just don’t see it. I don’t even understand the funding issue when the “President,” five days after the failed veto override attempt, asks Congress to spend more money on an unjust, immoral and failed war.

But then, I’ll never understand stupidity and ignorance.