Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Presidential Lawyers

The NY Times had a nice piece this weekend about how many of the Presidential front runners are attorneys.

The article discusses the unique legal stylings of each attorney candidate (Romney's is not discussed as he's never actually practiced law--he only has the degree. How silly is that? Oh wait....) and how these stylings will and could be used once President.

The types of law each has practiced varies greatly and the expertise of each is very different and says a lot about the character of each.

Guliani is known as a hard-nosed prosecutor who even went after his own colleagues. This shows he's not afraid of anyone or anything. (Another Cheney, perhaps?)

Thompson not only played an attorney on TV, but also is a Washington attorney who knows how to play the game. Read: He's too slick to be President.

Clinton was a tough litigator who knows her Con Law very well. That tough-as-nails persona is seen in every aspect of her life. Her knowledge and tenacity will bode her (and the country) well.

Obama is a professor of law and has fought for civil rights since the beginning of his career. He will continue those fights and will carefully and judiciously make decisions.

Edwards is best known as a great trial attorney but is also known as being very cautious in the cases he chooses. He usually chooses the ones he knows he can win. I think this is important. Unlike our current "President," Edwards thoughtfully chooses what battles he wants to fight.

Even though Wonkette makes fun of it, I actually think it's a good thing that our President will be an attorney. I mean, who is better suited to uphold, enforce and help write the laws then a lawyer?