Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Apparently, I work for abortionists and sodomites. Who knew?!

One would think that civil legal aid is a good thing and that no one would be against providing adequate funding for it, right?


Because of the nature of my job, I do random research on topics of my choosing. Today, I focused on researching solutions to the severe equal access to justice problem. And I found the following quote from the guy who ran as the Constitution Party's presidential candidate in 2000:

The bipartisan Washington political establishment ignores the prohibition on Congress funding any establishment of religion, looking the other way as Congress doles out scores of billions of dollars annually to organizations whose religion is abortion, whose religion is sodomy, whose religion is environmentalism, whose religion is humanism, whose religion is the overthrow of Western Christian civilization.
I find this hilarious as this quote is taken from his Presidential nominating speech which focusd on the ills of LSC (Legal Services) funding.

I find it hilarious that people actually think that because legal aid attorneys help abused women get divorces, they are the downfall of the American family and hence society.

I especially find it hilarious that he compares legal aid service organizations to abortion clinics and those that practice sodomy because my co-worker used to work for Planned Parenthood and my boss is gay.

Ah, the small-mindedness of bigoted idiots. It provides me with endless amounts of fodder.