Monday, October 6, 2008

Barracudas scare the s#!t out of me

Sarah Palin is definitely the easiest politician to make fun of in our world today. I mean, it's not like it's very hard. Personally, I thought she did well in last week's debate against Senator Biden. Yeah, sure she didn't actually answer the questions but to about 85% of Americans watching, they didn't care or notice.

Sarah Palin does not appeal to or represent women like me. But I'm not your average woman. Young girls and soccer moms everywhere are idolizing this woman. I'm amazed at this because of the sheer stupidity of most of the things Sarah says or does. But again, I'm not most women.

What scares me the most about Sarah Palin is that people like my oldest sister LOVE her. They want to be her. They have 3 or more children, live in nice houses in nicer neighborhood, most likely have a part time job but still manage to run their kids to soccer, piano, dance, skating, math club, etc. They are vocal about their opinions to the point I'd like to run them over with their own mini-van. They are the "social planners" of their kids' soccer teams and must always look perfect with every hair in place even if they're just running to the Super Wal-Mart to get some milk.

And, they vote. They vote every year for every race and make sure all their fellow PTA moms do so as well. They are a large segment of our population and sometimes end up being the deciding factor in many elections. This scares me.

Now, I know Obama is up in every poll and has the electoral votes now and WILL WIN next month, but I'm still nervous...we don't need crazy people like my sister running our country.