Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The thoughts that keep me up at night. Seriously!

The news from this morning concerning John Edwards has affected me greatly. When Adam texted me with the news at 8:15 this morning, I started to cry.

I started writing this post a few weeks ago and now, my thoughts are even more important.

Whenever I told someone I was supporting John Edwards until the day he drops out (or becomes the vice-presidential nominee), I was usually met with a snicker or a rolling of the eyes and the inevitable question, "So, when he doesn't win on Feb. 5th, who are you going to support then?" (Or in today's case, "Now that he's out, who are you going to support?")

I've thought a lot about this actually. I've had the conversation with two of my friends who are also supporting John about who we will throw our support behind after Feb. 5th now pretty much every day since Jan. 3rd.

Please note: I will support whoever the Democrat nominee is. But, I have a feeling we won't know who our nominee is until the August convention.

Now that Edwards is out, I will follow him to whomever he endorses. But it's not easy for me.

It's hard for me to choose between Obama and Clinton. There are good things about both and bad things about both. My decision to support John Edwards was not a hard one. I'm having a very difficult time choosing to support Barack or Hillary and it's not because of my support of John. Some of my thoughts about each include the following:

Barack Obama
While being a great public speaker, I don't know if he will be able to win nationwide. This thought keeps me up at night! What if a Republican DOES win in November?! I can't handle any more of this! I'll be moving to Canada for sure.

Barak has some great ideas but I'm not sure if he has the experience that is needed in a President. We currently have a president who lacks experience and fortitude we need in these tumultuous times; our country is worse off because of that inexperience. I'm not saying Obama is like Bush--AT ALL--Obama actually has principles and morals. He speaks so strongly about change in Washington and although I agree with him, I wonder if he really will be able to make that change. Will he constantly be fighting to get his policies implemented because he's seen as too inexperienced?

Granted, Edwards didn't have that much more experience in 2004 than Obama does now, but Edwards has spent the last 4 years talking and listening to people and crafting his platforms and ideas into workable solutions to our country's problems. Of course, just because he's planned a lot doesn't necessarily mean things will automatically be better, but I believe that he would be more able and willing to build consensus with those he needed to pass his initiatives.

But the questions that keep running through my head are, "Can Obama win in November? Can he win nationwide?" I don't know. I just don't know.

Hillary Clinton
One of the best things about Hillary becoming President is that we will have an automatic ambassador to the world in Bill. Other countries LOVE him and we'll be able to send him out and immediately fix our image that "President" Bush has destroyed. However, I wrote in a recent post that it's been 40 years since an incumbent President or Vice President has not been on the ballot. Our country IS tired of the same old BS that has been force-fed to us for 40+ years and by electing Hillary, we may just get more of the same. Also, our country needs someone who can help heal the divide. Is Hillary the one who can do that? I don't think so; if anything, I think she'll just divide us more.

The big thought that is floating around in my head is electability and likability. Sure, they are both likable enough but can they be elected? Can someone show me conclusive proof that they can win? Cause that may ease my mind a bit.

And while I know it shouldn't even be an issue--BUT IT IS--I wonder, is a majority of the country (50%+1 to be exact) more racist or more sexist? I've heard from a couple of people that while some people hate women and blacks equally, they wouldn't plot to assassinate the woman.

I know Edwards platform inside and out. The only thing I can do now is learn Hillary's and Obama's. Hopefully, that will make things easier for me.


melissy said...

I have said it once and I'll say it again... I like Obama but he's WAY too idealistic and he won't be able to get anything done. Give him a few years and I think he'll be great, but right now, he just won't do anything.

Anne said...

What about McCain? Would he be soo bad? I don't think Romney has a chance being a MARMAN and all. People will always be looking for his tail and horns.

Tyreseus said...

I don't think it's much secret that I prefer Obama. In response to your concerns, my thoughts...

I don't like this meme that Obama is less experienced than Clinton. When you tally up actual years as a voting elected official, he trumps on the experience chart. I'm not sure that Hilary's years as politican spouse should get as much credit as it does... I mean, you wouldn't assume that someone who was married to a rocket scientist for 40 years, then joined the lab 7 years ago would be credited with those 40 years. Not a perfect analogy, I know, but I think you get my drift.

I like your analysis of Bill as ambassador, but think about the message it would send to the world - especially some of the most volatile parts of the world - to have president named Barrack Hussein Obama. I'm not so simplistic as to believe Al Quaida terrorists will have a sudden change of heart about the US, but I do believe that will make a difference in their abilities to inspire blind hatred among new followers.

Regarding electability, most polls indicate that Obama would have an easier time winning against ANY Republican candidate than Clinton. She's divisive. Now, I know that polls are less reliable than the local weatherman, but I've also personally spoken to a lot of liberal-leaning independents who've told me they will not vote for Hilary under any conditions (if faced with a Clinton v. Huckabee ticket, they'd rather not vote).

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts in the spirit of debate.