Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you with HRC--Hilary Rodham Clintion?

For those who didn't know, the Democratic Presidential candidates participated in a forum last night sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign on the Logo (Gay) channel. They answered all sorts of questions that are important to the GLBT community. However, the "big" question concerning same-sex marriage is one that most of the candidates are against. It was frustrating to watch them, one after another, give their excuses for not supporting full equality.

Only the elf-like Kucinich and "old white man" (Melissa Etheridge's words not mine) Gravel are supportive of same-sex marriage. It was sad to see the other candidates "defend" their stances on this issue. To see each candidates views on all the GLBT issues, check out this nice fact sheet from HRC. (Hint: they all agree on everything--almost....BOR-ING!)

If you missed the debate, you can watch it here. Also, please forgive Gov. Richardson for he knows not what he says.