Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy!

I gotta admit that, like most Democrats, some of my heroes (political and otherwise) are the Kennedy brothers. One might say I'm even a tad obsessed with them having done multiple reports on them throughout high school and college as well as owning and reading books about their lives.

I can't tell you when this hero-worship of mine began; the Kennedy's were long gone before I was even born. It's even hard for me to explain why the Kennedy brothers are my heroes as I know what too much about the infidelity and believe in every single conspiracy theory out there about the Kennedy clan.

But still, I'm a fan and idealize them and any politician like them. So, I was excited to read two articles today about John Edwards and Barack Obama that likened them to Bobby and Jack, respectively.

I find this fascinating because ever since I can remember presidential politics (1988 Dukakis v. Bush 1), there has ALWAYS been some kind of reference to the Democratic candidate being like one of the Kennedys (usually Jack).

Dukakis: From Massachusetts, like the Kennedys.

Clinton: The infamous picture of a young Bill shaking hands with a young JFK in the Oval Office.

Clinton: Shameless philandering.

Gore: The hair (I totally made this one up).

Kerry: Both have the initials, JFK and, both were Senators from Massachusetts.

And now Edwards platform focusing on poverty is very similar to that of Bobby's short-lived 1968 quest for the Presidency. The article even notes that Edwards recent tour of poverty-stricken parts of the country was just like Bobby's.

And Obama. His campaign has many similarities to JFK's as the article points out: a first-term Senator taking the giant leap to the Presidency, an prolific speaker, an eloquent book, a minor hindrance which may prevent many voters from voting for him (Kennedy his religion, Obama his race).

I find it fascinating and exciting that two men, who served for only 3 years in the Oval Office, have had so much influence and impact on all Democratic Presidential candidates over the past 40+ years.

Bobby once said that "Few will have the greatness to bend history." Amazingly, the Kennedy brothers have bent it for the better and I have no doubt that Edwards and Obama will do the same.

It'll be a great time for America.