Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The necessity of health care for all

The top issue in the 2008 Presidential race is surely going to be the War in Iraq.
I believe that the top issue must be the millions of Americans who have no health insurance. This issue probably ranks right around number 2 or 3 however.

This week, Barack Obama finally unveiled his health care plan which would not renew the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to help pay for the plan. Ingenius! Screw the rich to take care of the poor--I liiiiiike it!

All of the Democratic candidates will have a good and feasible plan for universal health care no doubt. The problem will not be which candidate doesn't come up with a plan but rather, which candidate has the best plan that covers everyone.

What's most disturbing to me is the fact that a majority of people who are not covered are those who are employed with full-time work. Like myself. Fortunately, I do have health insurance, but my kid does not. For the basic plan my employer offers, I pay $10 a month for insurance; to cover my kid under the same plan, it would cost me $300 a month. Now, for someone who uses every last penny of my paycheck to pay the rent and bills, I cannot afford this $300 to be taken out of my check. I figured that since my kid is relatively healthy, I would be okay and just pray she didn't break any bones. I also have a health savings plan that I contribute to and can use that money to pay for bills and such, but it's not that much.

Things have been going fine until she has complained of a sore throat for a week now. After over the counter medicine for a week and it still hurting, I had to give in and take her to the clinic. Almost $200 later, she is fine. But I don't have $200 just laying around.

The importance of health insurance is very important--not just to me, but to millions of others who struggle with this everyday. When you vote next year, think about your family and others who strive everyday to provide a quality life for their families but are lacking this one necessity. Remember them as you research the issues of each candidate and how their health care plans will benefit them.

This, above all others, is the most moral issue of our time. It's time to do something about it.