Friday, March 23, 2007

"Takin' the long way 'round"

Last night, I watched the documentary of the 'fall and rise' of the Dixie Chicks, Shut Up & Sing. I have always liked the Chicks' music and anyone who has the balls to lambaste the President during a concert certainly deserve more credit than they are given.

I liked the show so much, I went out and bought their past two albums. I felt compelled to show my financial support because in the movie, they are worried that their new album wouldn't sell well (I guess that Grammy nomination helped).

Some things I learned from the movie:

  • The leader singer, Natalie, is married to the guy who plays Nathan Petrelli in Heroes. He's hot.
  • They wrote all of the songs on their new album--something they've never done before.
  • Between the three of them, they have 7 children--all under the age of 5. Ugh.
  • Right-wing nut jobs are absolutely insane. This movie proves it.