Thursday, February 22, 2007

Because Republicans are just too easy to make fun of

If you want a break from the 2008 elections (yes, I said 2008) or if you just need a good laugh, read about the true McCain and how he's going to blast through to become the next POTUS.

Some of my favorite parts:

Romney had to be stopped, and South Carolina would be the stopping place. The whispering campaign that had been directed against McCain in 2000 was now directed against Romney. Conservative talk radio was filled with tales of Romney’s love for gay people and how he was a secret polygamist. And not just with two wives—try five. And three of them under 16 years old! It was all madness, but madness had played in South Carolina before.
“Everybody is running for president,” Joe Biden had joked on his campaign plane a week before the Iowa caucus. “A Jew, a woman, a black, a Mormon. It’s getting like the bar scene in Star Wars!”
Going into October, the race was tied. And then came the day that once was known as Halloween and forever afterward was called 10/31.

After you do read it, you'll wonder if the Republicans will ever be able to find a "normal" candidate who can actually win.

Like this guy. Oh, wait. Maybe not...

For the entire article, go here.